7 Simple Ways To Reduce Waste At Home

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Everyone is talking about climate change - are you playing your part in the fight? 

As a homeowner, there are plenty of things you can do to make a difference and you can start with your household waste.

America has a huge waste problem. The average person generates about 4.9 pounds of trash per day, that’s almost 3 times the global average! 

Where does all this waste go?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, half of it is dumped in landfills while another 32% is recycled.

Landfills are not only an eyesore, but they’re seriously bad for our environment. Decaying rubbish releases greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, as well as toxins that kill plants and animals and contaminate our water supplies.

We all have a personal responsibility to cut down on our waste and it can be a win-win situation for us and the environment.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that can come from reducing your waste 

  • Save money

The average adult in the US spends $1,497 a month on nonessential items which often end up in landfill. By figuring out what is truly essential and finding reusable alternatives, you can cut down on your waste and save a lot of money in the long run.

  • Save energy and resources

Everything you buy, wear and eat uses energy and precious natural resources. As such, reducing consumption of unnecessary products can limit the amount of virgin resources required to create them.

  • Save endangered species

The US has over 3000 landfills which cause destruction of natural habitats and ocean plastic pollution. Minimizing your waste output can help protect hundreds of animal species that are facing a high risk of extinction.

  • Fight Climate Change

The volume of greenhouse gases created in the production, use and disposal of your daily products contributes to climate change. By changing your spending habits, you can shrink your carbon footprint and help mitigate the current climate crisis.

7 effective ways you can reduce waste at home

1. Use reusable towels 

Americans spend more than $5.7 billion of paper towels per year which destroy millions of trees and produce a ton of waste.

Instead of using paper towels every time you have a spill, try reusable towels. They’re equally absorbent, highly durable and easily cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine.

2. Use reusable shopping bags

Plastic bags come in handy but come at a huge environmental cost. The average plastic bag is only used for 12 minutes yet takes hundreds of years to break down in landfill.

Switch to reusable shopping bags - they are cost-effective, durable and come in different eco-friendly materials and designs to suit your style.

3. Ditch disposables

Replace your disposable water bottles, straws, cutlery, snack packs and coffee cups with reusable alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s convenient and can save you money too.

4. Reduce  food waste

More than 40 percent of the food produced in the United States is thrown away. 90% of it ends up in landfill where it rots and releases more greenhouse gases than the airline industry.

Shop smarter and store your food correctly to cut down on food waste. 

If you can, use composting to get rid of your kitchen waste. 

5. Install a water filter

Many US households consider tap water unsafe, which forces them to rely on bottled water. Unfortunately, bottled water costs between 300 and 2,000 times more and also comes with its own health risks.

By installing a water filter, you can enjoy safe drinking water all the time, save money and preserve the environment at the same time.

6. Shop at your local farmers’ markets

Buying local food supports local farmers and gives you fresh ingredients full of flavor. Local produce doesn’t have to be shipped from afar and relies on less packaging which is great for the environment.

7. Donate  or recycle your stuff 

If you’ve been following Marie Kondo’s advice then you’ve noticed furniture, appliances, clothing, housewares, books, and other materials in your house that you no longer need.

Instead of sending them to the landfill, recycle or donate them to charity. Recycling conserves natural resources such as energy, water and timber while donating gives you a chance to make a positive impact .

How to get rid of waste in Central MA

Getting rid of accumulated junk in our home can be a daunting task. However, hiring professional junk removal experts like The Green Team can make it a simple and fun process.

Since 2018, we’ve been a Shrewsbury and Worcester trash removal company with a mission to reduce waste in our landfills. We work in partnerships with Massachusetts' Harvey waste and recycling and local donation charities to make it easier for you to get rid of your junk without leaving your home! 

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